Mailing a check.

For ministry gifts.

1.  Mail a check.

Make out your check to World Outreach Ministries (WOM).  Be sure that you clearly designate that the support is for Ron & Debbie Galbreath or Japanese Ministries #551.

World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box B
Marietta, GA  30061

2.  Use Online Banking

You can also give using your free online banking Bill Pay feature.

Login to your online banking.
Select Bill Pay.
Send your gift directly from your bank account with the following designation:

World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
(designate for Ron & Debbie Galbreath or Japanese Ministries #551)
P.O. Box B
Marietta, GA 30061

Once again, you can choose to set this up to be a recurring monthly donation.

3.  Give Online

Give online using a credit or debit card.

Select Ron & Debbie Galbreath or Japanese Ministries from the list and follow the prompts.

If you want to give monthly, just check the radio button marked “Automatic Monthly Gifts”.


For personal gifts…

We cannot give you a receipt for your taxes.  This should make no difference for churches, which are already non-taxable, nor for individuals who don’t itemize deductions on their taxes.

  • Mail us a check directly:
    • Ron & Debbie Galbreath
    • 50-9 Takadate Kawaragi
    • Hachinohe-shi, Aomori-ken  039-1161
    • JAPAN
  • Set up an automatic transfer to our bank (Email me and I will send you the information.  Our email is hope at japanmin dot com–remove all spaces and replace at with “@” and dot with “.”)
  • PayPal  (Use this link: )  Please give dollars and not yen.  We can get a much better exchange rate than PayPal will give you.