Do we trust God?

Do we really believe that God loves us and is working everything for our good?  When we sin, do you realize that we are saying to God, “I don’t believe that you really have my best interest at heart.  I know a better way.”

John MacArthur said it this way, “Every single temptation that Satan sends your way and my way is a temptation to distrust God.  It’s a temptation to believe a lie and the lie might be…do this and you’ll be satisfied…do this and you’ll be fulfilled…do this and you’ll make more money…do this and you’ll gain popularity…do this and you’ll feel more comfortable…do this and you’ll get what you want.  That’s the lie.  And God says, ‘Obey Me and I’ll bless you,’ right?  Every time you sin who have you believed?  Not God.”

—John MacArthur , Fundamental Christian Attitudes:  Strength, Part 4