My Prediction

This is my prediction for the upcoming election.  Since Trump lost Wisconsin to Cruz I don’t think that Trump has a chance of getting enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.  There will be a contested convention.  In the end I don’t think that the Republican establishment will let Trump get the nomination, even though he will be the clear front runner in the primaries.  The nomination will probably go to Cruz.  The Republican establishment doesn’t like Cruz much more than Trump, but I don’t think they can get away with giving the nomination to Kasich, even though he would be their first choice.  Trump and his supporters will be very upset about the nomination being stolen.  I think that Trump will probably take it to court.  In the end he may even run as a third party candidate.  The republican party will lose its base.  They will be divided and give the presidency to Hillary Clinton.  I think that the republican establishment would rather have Hillary than Trump or Cruz.  Even though they’ll moan about the result, they will secretly rejoice.
With four more years of Hillary, America will be lost.  Persecution against Christians will reach a new high.  Some conservatives will revolt and may even take up arms.  The country will crack down on evangelical Christians and conservatives.  We and everyone else who believes the Bible will be labeled as potential terrorists.  Many evangelical denominations will promise the government that they will not oppose them.  They will remove any teaching that conflicts with the new “rights” such as homosexuality, same sex marriage and abortion.  Within a very few years, these churches will be walking in lock step with the government in persecuting the real Christians.  These churches and the people who attend them will be the ones spying and reporting to the government about churches and Christians that continue to preach against homosexuality, abortion, and false religions such as Islam.  Most of the churches will fall into this category.  Many of them will be very large.  They’ll continue with their “dynamic” worship, humanitarian work and missions.  They’ll claim that they’re preaching the love of Christ and being faithful to the Word of God.  In order to justify their false teaching they’ll reinterpret scripture passages that disagree with the “new morality.”
The churches that refuse to go along with the government will lose their tax-exempt status.  Pastors of these churches will be watched closely for anything that they teach that could be construed as “hate speech”.  Because of this, even the churches and denominations that don’t agree to go along with the government will stop preaching boldly against things that the Bible condemns.  Real Christians will be forced underground.  Even then, many will be arrested, jailed, fined, and fired from their jobs for hate speech and promoting terrorism.
As a result the church will be shaken.  Christians will be clearly divided into three different kinds.  1) You’ll have the fake Christians who go along with the government and persecute Christians who stand on the Word.  2)  You’ll have the Christians who secretly believe the Bible, but refuse to speak out to defend the persecuted Christians or to speak up publicly for what is right because they want to protect themselves.  These Christians are also fakes.  3)  You’ll have the real Christians who suffer greatly.  Many will lose their jobs.  Some will lose their homes and their savings.  They’ll lose the right to a higher education.  Their children will be taken away from them.  Some will be jailed.
Are you ready?